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Build specialization standardized service system
Service personnel must have good mental qualities
Whether it is in what post, as long as the involved service, you must have the appropriate service attitude. An excellent staff, must have good mental qualities, and these qualities are reflected in what areas?
􀁺 motivated, passionate.
􀁺 sincere, modest and polite.
􀁺 tolerance is pregnant, not panic.
􀁺 honest, to understand the sense of proportion.
􀁺 adapt frustration, control emotions.


Service personnel must have the appropriate professional quality
Service personnel in addition to have a good psychological quality, but also have good professional quality, in order to allow the service specialization. Professional qualities reflected in what areas?
􀁺 good communication and the ability to interact.
􀁺 rich product knowledge.
􀁺 keen observation and independent judgment.
􀁺 teamwork spirit.