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Select SINGI:
        We are SINGI, a talent development as one of the primary driving force in the enterprise. We hire the best talent, provide a comfortable but challenging work environment for our employees, and to create conditions for the development and success of the employees. We are impartial to assess and reward our employees, and to provide a competitive work environment and remuneration conditions to retain the best talent. SINGI means you can fight and those who have a strong progressive desire, and it is this pursuit of excellence attitude, create SINGI this inspiring working atmosphere.

Personnel policy:

1 to German-based, both ability and integrity, without Germany and Africa only.
2, Zhirenshanren, those who can authorize the work by the dole.Respect talent, care personnel to care for people.
4, people are the most valuable resources, high-quality personnel is an important asset of the company.
5, we need honesty, dedication, pioneering spirit, innovative learning talent Yizhuanduoneng.